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The “Apreciando lo nuestro” (APLN) was born as a joint effort from Social Trade Organisation (STRO), World Vision Honduras and New economics foundation (NEF). STRO is a dutch NGO operating in Honduras since 2003, which seeks for innovative models and adequate technologies in support of local economic development, whereas  NEF is a british independent  think and do tank  that inspires and demonstrates real economic well being. Finally, World Vision Honduras is a Christian organization dedicated to children, families and communities to reduce poverty and injustice.

The initial idea of the project was born as an initiative from STRO after observing people´s behavior in the region of Yoro, Honduras, that is very rich in resources such as people, nature, youth, etc., which have a very high potential to unchain wonderful processes of development if an assets based approach is used. After having known the New Economics foundation (NEF) initiative “buy local” in the U.K., the “Apreciando lo nuestro project (APLN)” was materialized in Yoro, finding in World Vision Honduras a very valuable local strategic associate.   

The main idea behind the project was to campaign for an increase in local consumption and investment patterns, focusing on already existing assets, bringing more entrepreneurial activity into the region through promotion and follow up of new business start ups through “coaching for regeneration”, a methodology devised by NEF and adapted to Honduran context.

And so the project was developed firstly trough a pilot phase jointly with World Vision Honduras, achieving remarkable results (see experiences section), which led to a spread out of the project into a bigger geographical area.

Currently, the project has become a program, that comprises an innovative revised and improved methodology, adaptable to different contexts and projects.